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Mirror in the hallway - an indispensable accessory to create a stylish and spacious corridor

The theater begins with a hanger, and the house with an entrance hall. To impress guests from the threshold of a stylishly decorated corridor can not do without a mirror in the hallway.
Hallway is not only a place to store things, shoes, bags, prams and other things. This is the room that guests will see first. Well-chosen mirror in the hallway will make the style of the room expressive and visually add extra square meters of the corridor.

To create a winning design and increase the space of the corridor, often resort to the correct placement of furniture. If the room is small, then use a minimalist style. Mirror in the hallway will be an indispensable tool for creating a successful interior compact rooms.

But even turning to the advice of designers and placing the furniture correctly, you can see that the room looks small, or it does not have enough light. There are not enough necessary details to emphasize the General style of the hallway. Proper placement of the mirror in the corridor will make it lighter and more voluminous.

Fresh repair, design, thought to the last detail seems boring? You need only one accessory that will accentuate the entire stylistic composition of the room. Do not have to buy endless fashion figurines, geometric shapes and other accessories to create a style that quickly go out of fashion and only collect dust. Buy a mirror in the hallway in a beautiful frame – means to get rid of excess and turn to a stylish accessory that will last for decades. Without losing its relevance. As a woman do without a mirror in the hallway? It is very inconvenient to go out without confidence in the impeccable appearance. This problem perfectly solves the mirror in the hallway to his full height. To see yourself in the mirror in full growth is not a dream, but a reality. Indeed, in the catalogue IFdecor available more than 30 positions of mirrors in the floor.

The advantages of a proper mirror in the hallway

How can a mirror change space?

  •   Visual zoom
  •   Optimal illumination
  •   Room decoration
  •   Style addition

In order to achieve the maximum effect of the mirror in the hallway you need to use a certain type. After all, each mirror has its own specific features. We will deal with them in more detail:

Horizontal mirror in the hallway

Visually increases the wall on which it is attached. Fits perfectly into any interior, but visually can make the ceiling lower in poor lighting..

Floor mirror in the corridor

Suitable for spacious hallways. It has a flexible stand that adjusts the tilt of the mirror.

Thanks to the adjustable angle, you can choose an individual slope of the reflective fabric.

This will allow you to get an overview from any angle. Therefore, this type of mirror is especially popular among women.

Vertical mirror in the hallway

Manufactured in a bulk execution, mounted on the wall. Therefore, visually perfectly increases the size of the ceiling and makes the hallway lighter and more spacious.

Thanks to this mirror, it is very easy to see your reflection in full growth.

Illuminated mirror

If your hallway is not enough light – you can use a mirror with lighting.

Designers recommend using wall sconces or spotlights mounted in the frame.

Spotlights – do not require sockets, and most importantly – do not blind the eyes.

As for the shape of the mirror and the color of the frame – it depends on the style of the room and individual taste.

How to place a mirror in the hallway?

Eastern sages allocate the best places to place a mirror in the hallway.

Reflection in the mirror – multiplies luck or wealth in a person’s life, so it is important to find the right place for the reflecting canvas.

Po Feng Shui round mirror – perfect for the hallway. Circle – saves energy that comes out of the house when the door opens.

In addition, the circle is a symbol of peace, harmony of female and male energy, which is so important to keep in the house.

Do not advise the sages of the East to put a Cabinet with a mirror – it cuts the reflection of a person, causing serious damage to it.

It is better to avoid bulky furniture in the hallway, it will make room for positive events in life.

It is not recommended to put a mirror in front of the front door – it promises a loss of luck and prosperity.

Also it is impossible to put mirror surfaces opposite – the mirror corridor absorbs positive energy which is necessary in the house.

Buy a mirror in the hallway in IFdecor

In creating mirrors for hallways, IFdecor masters are guided by engineering accuracy – from design to implementation. Accurate approach and modern equipment ensure the safety of the mirror cloth for the whole family.

With awe and love we create mirrors, focusing on your style and individual preferences.

If necessary, we apply a special shock-proof coating – this makes a luxurious mirror coating absolutely safe for young children.

Order a mirror in the hallway from IFdecor and we will find you any shape and color to create a winning design of your hallway.

Call +7 (495) 255-72-12 and we will create a stylish hallway for you.